Wednesday, October 24, 2007


*sighs*, okay, so this is when I get my game face on, some CL action today, been craving those since we (ahem, us Culès) lost to Liverpool last season. No diss to Liverpool, but fuck that this year, trophy's ours, you devils ain't reaching no finals, and Chelsea can kiss it's shiny ass goodbye cause there's no way in Hell can they make it to knockout round, no freaking way.
A little disappointed today though, Barça drew with Rangers. *gags*, Ha! Rangers, c'mon, you guys had the magic three with you, and you couldn't put at least one goal pass that blue net, c'mon...
Arsenal on the other hand came out with an intimidating score...yes, I said it. 7-0. Danm.
Going to the point, everyone I expected would do well, did, EXCEPT for Barcelona. Ayo wtf? Don't be playing shit like that when it's most important (flashback to this weekend!)
It ain't the end of it, I bet you Rijkaard gave Gudjhonssen a good beating after that "performance", who wouldn't really, homeboy should just be glued to the bench, yeah that's right: Just stay there!
Next Game's in Two Weeks, against Lyon - Seigneur, ayez pitié de nous, qui avons péché!

And We Were Doing So Well

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