Wednesday, October 3, 2007

If You Didn't Know...

Okay, so Chromeo's taking over MTV this whole week, now MTV has to deal with the superbad rep its been getting for a while now, but this artist spotlight is not a bad call. For those of you who's been rocking to Needy Girl way before everybody else, you know what I mean. So you lovelies have a good excuse if you're caught peeking into a Hills clip. Yes! for this week and this week only, WATCH MTV, cause that's how cool these blokes are.
Here's the lowdown on Chro-me-o right, They're dope, they have sexy tracks, and are just fucking cool like that, 'nuff said.
Dave with the kick-ass vocals, and Pee with that vocoder.
The best Jewish-Muslim collaboration in the history of mankind, it's sweet sweet goodness yo. Get with It!

MTV Artist of The Week : Chromeo


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