Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No Justice...No Fun :(

About a month ago, I was getting all hyped up, cause supposedly I was about to witness history in the making. Now, I'm not a fan of Late night shows, sorry but they just don't cut it for me, but if I hear the French Touch Duo would be performing sets on David Letterman, than yeah...sign my ass up, I'd stay late just for that, fuck dark circles.
But that was a month ago...show was 'spose to be tonight, turns out...it's a no-go. Why? Dunno. But I'm bummed, oh well. Justice on Letterman, man! c'mon. oh well.
Instead, they're hosting a mini concert at Jimmy Kimmel (LA). Yo I'm not feeling all th perks that LA's been getting...shit's unfair :/
New Ed Banger releases are on the way, from Mehdi, SebastiAn, Justice and Uffie (someone remind me why she's on that label again?) , as confirmed by Mr. Ed Banger himself, Busy P. He will also drop some tracks he made, brilliantly titled Pedrophilia (hotness).
So look out for those *ahem*
For those lucky enough to be bouncing to some electro goodness live (I see you L.A), or those of us who are patiently awaiting (Where NY at?), make sure to also check out stuff from the underground Hip Hop scene, if you're into that junk. Ayo, Get With It Or Get Lost!

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