Thursday, April 30, 2009

Major Lazer x Diplo & Switch x Santigold

I've just discovered this, thanks to Brodinski (holla!), and had a life changing experience.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boys & Girls, It Is Coming

Remember me warning you about the new Ed Rec release by the third week into April, hinting at the plausible material that will be on the 4th compilation CD? Well, folks - here's Busy P celebrating his birthday and dropping the first of many 'new' tracks, this one by SebastiAn.

Other memorable moment at Mr. P's birthday? Oh, only Thomas Bangalter spinning a few tracks alongside Mehdi, without his signature DP helmet - you know, the usual. What, did that last sentence made you cringe? Get used to it buddy, I think that one pretty much confirms the Punks are back for 2009, and you can hear me in the back screaming a really loud: "FUCK YES". And if you too have been the victim of a mild spasm upon hearing rumour that they will be secretly headlining Glastonbury this year, then join the club.

(1:44 - Omagah, Hand Sanitizer?)
But, as those who bore witness to this rather eventful soirée can tell you - it ended on a rather sketchy tone. Apparently, the Dim Mak boys pulled a fight with one rather huge bouncer, and the Ed Rec boys got pretty heated as well (oh snap, Kavinsky all worked up, Shit!) - Gentlemen, let's not clench electro war right when the weather's getting better, mkay? wait until August or something, and I think Webster Hall's a better setting anyways - Holla at me, I'll hook you up. My only plea is that De Rosnay gets to stay in my basement whilst I ship Augé to Hemaly's - then the deal's yours fellas.

Photo Credit: Rony's Photobooth

Is anybody else noticing the Ted Bundy/child pred look Bangalter's rocking now?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amanda Blank Wants You To Fuck Her

And she may just be the fiercest bitch in the MC game.
Now how long have we been hopping to her shit? Exactly. She's had questionable/suggestive lyrics, kept her possee on an overload of steez (Santigold, Benny Blanco, Spank Rock, Roxy Cottontail), and was doing that head shaving shit long before Cassie, Peaches or Kesh. She's so hot, Yuksek had to take a look.

And now Ms. Blank does her best versing since Loose, on her latest: Might Like You Better.


photo credit: EveryoneIsFamous

Sunday, April 12, 2009

You Leave Me No Choice But To Plot My Revenge

Yet another major band crush: Tame Impala. Boys, you put the jive back in Seventies psychedelic-mellow rock, and you do it so well it hurts. What I like best here, is that they're really all blossoming 2o-somethings, but can easily be mistaken for any bonafide rockers out there. I swear I was born in the wrong era. This fits right in with my War and Foghat records, the brooding hippie within me is going fucking ballistic. If this is what the new kids are bringing to the block, hot damn, sign me up.

Platform wrote a very amusing and insightful piece on the Perth band, read on.

Photos: Billie

"Hey, Nice Shades - What Kill?"

Someone should explain La Roux to me (first of all, shouldn't it be La Rousse? as in female/chick/woman? We're trying to be edgy here, I see!). I don't feel like I'm grasping the idea just yet. Until that happens, I'll keep overplaying Beni's Sinking at 1.56 Remix of Quicksand. Kitsuné took a liking to the androgynous redhead, and Oh, but did you know the boys at Mad Decent took a spin at her hit as well? It's lovely, well have a listen.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Justice Can Fix U2 (If You Them Ask Nicely)

I've never bought a U2 single/CD in my entire adult life, and I'm not about to, so the only time a U2 track would make the cut into my iPod is going to be through this brilliantly worked Justice remix. The track doesn't disappoint, besides - a Justice remix these days is harder to come by than humility at an AIG CEOs meeting, you do the math.

Well done boys, I'm lifting the ban, it has been a grueling 6 months!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trippy Shit You Might Not Know About Cole Mohr

I know that underneath all the super expensive shit that designers impose models to strut and unprecedented hotness, that they actually live normal/average lives (if you're idea of normal is rubbing shoulders with both Carine Roitfeld & Karl Lagerfeld at the same time), but fuck this, I didn't know some of them dabbled in morbid humor like Cole Mohr & Co. does!
I have a job *coughs*, and no I ain't got no kids, but the Drawingklub is well...SICK AS FUCK.
There's not one thing that will offend you on there, no; there are many things. Being the callous prick that I often am, even I stumbled on one thing that made me cringe. It almost replicates the eye sore that a visual version of Bollocks to the Hippocratic Oath would give you, combined with the cultural commentary Carles would make (like the stuff about azns, you know, shit like that) ergo it's NSFW.
But don't let that stop you, it's a good way to waste your 'internetlolz' time, once you've adopted the mindset that it is purely ironic/satirical, and that in itself makes it okay in my book(marks).

It's cool though, I mean - shows they've got personality/zany-ness, however FUCKED UP, it may be - 'deranged' is relative anyway.

You're Been Warned.

photo credit: We Heart It & Drawingklub.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Moulinex does it, as only Moulinex can. After the A-Trak remix of Sébastien Tellier's Kilometer, comes this ill-induced version. So Good!

Free download, courtesy of the much loved RCRD LBL.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Kicks In, Hard.

Every April, I tell my mom "Soon as April hits, the year's already over". She, predictably, assumes I'm exaggerating, but ends up agreeing as soon as September hits. For New York, April means showers, loads of them, for me, it means that by the third week in - Ed Rec's annual May compilation will leak, and there's nothing I look forward to, musically, then new SebastiAn, Mehdi & Oizo mixes. Last year's mix didn't disappoint, well...unless you're counting Uffie's Robot Oeuf, actually - even that wasn't that bad.

I'll leave you with Jack Peñate's Tonight's Today:

& a Brilliant remix of Ra Ra Riot's Ghost Under Rocks by Passion Pit.