Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Kicks In, Hard.

Every April, I tell my mom "Soon as April hits, the year's already over". She, predictably, assumes I'm exaggerating, but ends up agreeing as soon as September hits. For New York, April means showers, loads of them, for me, it means that by the third week in - Ed Rec's annual May compilation will leak, and there's nothing I look forward to, musically, then new SebastiAn, Mehdi & Oizo mixes. Last year's mix didn't disappoint, well...unless you're counting Uffie's Robot Oeuf, actually - even that wasn't that bad.

I'll leave you with Jack Peñate's Tonight's Today:

& a Brilliant remix of Ra Ra Riot's Ghost Under Rocks by Passion Pit.



passion pit :) (maxmada)

Hemaly said...

Just downloaded the Jack Peñate single :)