Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because You Love To Be Teased

This is the usual Feadz Ed Rec Teaser, a.k.a Here's Why You Should Buy This Shit, a.k.a We Know You Heard The Leaks, But Here It From One Of Us Better.
I must say, cause I can't front, first I heard afore mentioned leaks, I felt a bit disappointed with a few of the mixes on the CD, specially SebastiAn's Dog, and Mehdi's Pocket Piano, but maybe that's cause I hold too much to these two[Or maybe I'm just a commoner, and I don't 'get' progressive sounds]. But as I gave it another shot, I guess you could say I 'saw the light'. I didn't want to be influenced by the herd, cause half the electro-listening population praise Ed Banger like GODS. The hype on their shit is pretty fucking solid, and it's perfectly clear why, I'm not condoning, but you can't always believe the hype. Blindly following a trend? Fuck No. Besides, Uffie doesn't do a bad job on her part of the album (Robot Oeuf), after First Love, which SUCKED [I repeat, SUCKED] I think she got a wake-up call [if not, someone did], even though this one reminds me of an alteration/upgrade/whatevergrade of Dismissed, it's still not bad.
Maybe I'll be walking to the stores, on May 26th, instead of running.

Feadz - Ed Rec V. III Mini Mix

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