Monday, June 30, 2008

Respect Is Burning

The legendary Respect Parties landed in NYC 0n June 26th, and the club kids are all bat shit crazy. Moby opened New York Été d'Amour on Thursday at Santos Party House, marking the beginning of what is set to be an exciting summer. It's like 8balling, or whatever it is you do to get high, it's a fuckin' rave.
The fiasco ends on September 25, and the lineup is ridiculous. Thursdays from now on, New York, you have NO excuse to stay in. This week, you get Dave 1 with a special DJ set, Dominique (!), Star Eyes (Trouble&Bass) , Alex from Tokyo and Neil Aline (oh yeah). Summer 2008 looking good yet?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Stress

This made my day today.

In other [not-so-humorous] news Justice is being sued. Yep, turns out their clip for Stress caused a bit more stir than they had previously anticipated. the MRAP is attacking the boys big time:

Le MRAP (Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples) a annoncé vendredi qu'il avait décidé de porter plainte contre "les responsables" du clip musical "Stress" du groupe électro Justice.

Dénonçant une "immonde production", le MRAP estime "que le message du clip est porteur de stéréotypes et de clichés racistes et participe à une vision caricaturale de la réalité des quartiers populaires et de leurs habitants".


Your getting your ass sued.

I don't know. I'm hearing all kinds of rubbish about Stress , both negative and positive. I do think that people should start grilling Romain Gavras, on what he intended to put out here, if there is so much interest in knowing. In the only documented interview where the Justice boys attempt to explain the video, Xavier makes a point of saying that their message was misinterpreted (no shit). But some will tell you that the whole interview was too ambiguous, and really that Stress is a marketing scheme (confirmed by Xavier himself, because he's the only one talking, Gaspard is officially 'muet').
I say, marketing scheme well played out, it definitely had tongues wagging.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Le Serbe"

It takes time to study someone who's not in the spotlight. It takes even more time to study someone who is, but curiously enough leaves half (if not more) of their appearance very well under wraps. Like for instance, masked DJs (Bloody Beetroots, Danger, Daft Punk, Hearts Revolution, blah blah) take an extra step to keeping you guessing, but in a league of his own, SebastiAn blows the competition. First of all, his name is too damn 'compliqué' to decipher (if like half of his listeners, you speak English only), second, he doesn't go a shade over black with his gear.Never. Third, I'm beginning to think he's mute, and only speaks through his work, not complaining, but I want more, for Pierre's sake. In the only documented interview I could find, where Mr. Akchoté (see??) talks about his prospects and whatnot, his only answers are monosyllabic, short or just plain keeping you asking for an explanation. But you get a break, from the latest Jalouse issue, where he reveals a bit more on his personality (and just how hilarious he actually is, no shit). I'm quoting (and translating):

Jalouse: 'What do you consider Uffie?'
SebastiAn: 'She's like our Airwick, amidst all these smelly dudes'

Jalouse: 'What are the pros and cons of doing everything together?'
All: 'But we never see eachother! only on occasion. Everyone's always on tour, It's super rare that we're all together, like today.'
SebastiAn: 'So, when that happens, we strip, pour champagne and M'ms on ourselves!'

But he's so good at what he does, maybe I should do as any other groupie and just be satisfied with whatever he puts out there. I mean really, how many DJs you know can smoke, drink while simultaneously handling beats as if they were doing it in their sleep? how MANY?
SebastiAn is by far the best protégé out of the whole Ed Rec crew, yeah I just said it.
I'm leaving you with a short snippet of SebastiAn at Detour with Kavinsky, mixing Pharoahe Monch's Simon Says (Get The Fuck Up). You have these lovely people to thank for the magazine scan.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not Coming To A Club Near You

I wonder what M.I.A will do now. I skipped the McCarren Pool Park gig (honestly, if you even had a ticket by April, your ass was lucky) but it's pretty weird to think she won't be frolicking on stage anymore, with her electric, seizure-causing gear. Who's gonna give the KGB a run for their money? Is she gonna be a stay-at-home phuc buddy to Diplo? or maybe it's a Jay-Z type of 'retirement'. Who knows, you probably didn't know about M.I.A until Sunshowers [or maybe you did, my mistake?], but homegirl can still rely on her graphic design skills, amirite?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Stumbled Upon Silver

Timmy & Limonez a.k.a Silver Tiger: I just found them a few hours ago on MySpace. These two KILL it on the decks. The sound is near perfect (grimey and all!), and can give any of the banger makers on the scene a run for their money. Fuck California, you'd want to go to Mexico next time you're given a chance. Their WhiteParty DJ Set is available to download through their page, trust me, you want it.
Why are they still unsigned? If anyone out there reads this and listens to these tracks, DO SOMETHING.
Enough Said.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Peculiar Circumstances Affected The Race This Year

When it comes to politics, I mean politics bona fide politics, I'm as lethargic as any Senator in Congress, but if you'd ever want to know where Bam Bam's success range from (apart from the obvious) look no further than America's Subcultural breed of Alternative Broads and Blokes, a.k.a The Hipsters.
One can only debate whether their participation is strictly ironic, taking advantage of a band wagon that one can't afford to miss, or if they actually do care this time around. We all know they're not Republicans, or at least not all of them, but who knows...their involvement certainly didn't hurt the Dems.
take into consideration these pictures, product placements and or/propaganda:

From Cinespace's Local Photographer/Dude : Mark Hunter

You already know Austin's in this bitch, OutwithMe

But then there are those lost souls/Jesus Christs, who are given to good of a choice, and root for both.

But the competition-crusher has been Urban Outfitters, by far. If you were fortunate enough to have seen (or bought) their toilet cleaners, available in Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush (and of course, not Bam Bam), than you may have a witnessed a collectible piece of equipent, cause strangely enough that shit is nowhere to be found on the site now.

This is the last fucking time I speak of politics. Trust.