Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Peculiar Circumstances Affected The Race This Year

When it comes to politics, I mean politics bona fide politics, I'm as lethargic as any Senator in Congress, but if you'd ever want to know where Bam Bam's success range from (apart from the obvious) look no further than America's Subcultural breed of Alternative Broads and Blokes, a.k.a The Hipsters.
One can only debate whether their participation is strictly ironic, taking advantage of a band wagon that one can't afford to miss, or if they actually do care this time around. We all know they're not Republicans, or at least not all of them, but who knows...their involvement certainly didn't hurt the Dems.
take into consideration these pictures, product placements and or/propaganda:

From Cinespace's Local Photographer/Dude : Mark Hunter

You already know Austin's in this bitch, OutwithMe

But then there are those lost souls/Jesus Christs, who are given to good of a choice, and root for both.

But the competition-crusher has been Urban Outfitters, by far. If you were fortunate enough to have seen (or bought) their toilet cleaners, available in Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush (and of course, not Bam Bam), than you may have a witnessed a collectible piece of equipent, cause strangely enough that shit is nowhere to be found on the site now.

This is the last fucking time I speak of politics. Trust.

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