Monday, June 9, 2008

Stumbled Upon Silver

Timmy & Limonez a.k.a Silver Tiger: I just found them a few hours ago on MySpace. These two KILL it on the decks. The sound is near perfect (grimey and all!), and can give any of the banger makers on the scene a run for their money. Fuck California, you'd want to go to Mexico next time you're given a chance. Their WhiteParty DJ Set is available to download through their page, trust me, you want it.
Why are they still unsigned? If anyone out there reads this and listens to these tracks, DO SOMETHING.
Enough Said.


Anonymous said...

I checked out silver tiget. they are pretty rad. have u checked out krylon yet.

Anonymous said...

tiger *

Soulk!d said...

I have, :), and they're quite bangin'