Saturday, September 29, 2007

All I Wanna Do Is Nothing

Hehe, weekend. finallllyy. Danyum, senior year's going by mad fast yo!
I want to do a little summary of the last three weeks, music wise and I guess, emotional wise? yes? no? I dunno, let's just see what I come up with.
Week One was lame, cause the last thing I wanted to do was everything i had to do. See, told you, lame. For some unknown reason I was just way too tired for my own sake, getting back to school schedule isn't all that black and white. But, I did manage to keep my muisc senses happy :)
Behold, the new additions to the playlist in week one:

Kanye West feat. Chris Martin - Homecoming

I like, I realy like, who knows, maybe you will too.

But week two son, week two was the shiteous of them all, no joke. That's when I realized that, oh no, I'm in this b!tch for like 8 more months, :(
But relax, no need to worry, as long as I have kick-ass tracks coming my way, chances are I'll make it without jumping off the roof. Okay so week two's playlist additions are the following:

Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera - Tell Me(Switch Remix)

LA Priest - Engine (Erol Alkan Remix)

Now, week three is when I decide to take it in *sighs*, yeah, so I can't enjoy all the Chromeo private parties at MTV as I want, nor can I go to a Klaxons concert at Madison Square G (not to mention the promising after party with Santogold, and the Mystery Jets, oh yeah...and more), but there's other things a minor can enjoy legally right, and without being scorned by their mothers (yes, mothers, I won't get into that right now), and it brings us to week Three's playlist :

Boys Noize - Lava Lava

Feist - 1234 (Van She technologic Remix)

Spank Rock & Benny Blanco are Bangers and Cash - Shake That

Week four has little in store for us, I think, well I hope not :)

Summary's dunzo. I'm saying yo, It ain't easy being u-18 in this city :(

K, so I'm out.Peace.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

sunday night pre-depression session

Tomorrow's monday. I'm not even half way done with psych, socio and math combined. An economics test is just waiting for me to fail and oh, *sighs*. I feel like crying :(
it's what, like 6h30? danyum.
okay well...adios.