Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Skitzo Dancers

I'm quoting a friend of mine when I say this: "Nobody drops a beat like Justice!"
I managed to go through 31 hours of non-sleep and total schizophrenic excitement after one hell of a night on the 25th.
Fuck, the last time I wrote on here, I was projecting just how badass teh gig would be, but damn I don't think I ever could've predicted any of what went down. Fuck no.
So, I'm venturing into this new self-employed 'hobby' these days, *ahem* nightlife photography. I mean, yeah, shit...there's not a lack of party photogs out there, but they're old, and I'm young :]
I'm pretty decent at it too, might as well give it a shot, eh? See? No? You don't think so?

p.s: to all you mofos behind the decks while Ed Rec was dropping some sweet beats, fucking dance! Hipsters NEVER dance. Putain.

NY Excuse - Soulwax [Justice Remix]

Pictures by: Soulk!d

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Cross The Universe

These mofos will be in town at the end of October, along with Mehdi, SebastiAn, So Me & Busy P at This Is Not London.
It's a trailer release party, and it promises to be all sorts of epic.