Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End

It's funny how every end-of-year, I always look back how truly amazing/weird/awkward the year has been, and of all year prior to this one, 2008 has by far, been the most amazing/weird/awkward. Hands Down.
Of all the brilliant new mixes, the live shows, & the 'sorry kid, you must be 18/21 to get in there', the ones that stand out [they don't really stand out, it's just the ones I can remotely remember!], I think the following events have been the most crucial to me having a good/bad time in 2008:

- Free Movies at McCarren Pool hosted by The L Magazine [thanks to
 the strangers/hipsters smoking what I & Co. believed to have been the best weed in the area]
- Getting accepted at St.John's [technically, this means little, but if it weren't the case, there are some cool individuals I probably wouldn't know *hint]
- Skipping to London for the next 3 years [where all the doors are fucking OPEN]
- Graduating [Goodbye uniforme de merde]
- Getting a bike [Vital, much?]
- Barry Obama [self-explanatory] 
- News of a possible new Daft Punk Album in the works [ohmagahwtfbbq!]
- Skins, axing out the entire cast [& the replacement ain't that much 'wicked', folks]
- Laughing my ass out at 'fights' on williamsboard
- The 'Closing Down' of McCarren Pool [ahhhwtf?why?]
- Meeting possibly the biggest junkie [yet, so well dressed] I know, who's now my barely legal partner in crime, & fellow francophone.
- Pillow Fights in Union Square, Manhunt in Washington Square
- Justice at Matter
- The 'Closing Down' of Studio B, & The End
- Realizing that if I do not back away from my iPod & it's unrealistic level of volume, I most definitely will lose my hearing by the age of 23.
& Finally,
- Getting a camera [wisest decision of the year]

If I remember correctly, this is a music blog, so here are the tracks that I seriously overplayed all year [New & Old]:

- Daft Punk - Voyager [Revolte Remix]
- Dragonette - I Get Around [Van She Vocal Remix]
- Kleerup feat. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed
- SebastiAn - Dog [Choreo Edit]
- Mystery Jets - Half In Love With Elizabeth [Foamo Remix]
- Van She - Kelly [Breakbot Remix]
- Timbaland - Miscommunication [Bloody Beetroots Remix]
- The Presets - This Boy's In Love [Lifelike Remix]
- Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown [Guns'N'Bombs Remix]
- Knobbers - Crookers
- Danger - 11h30
- Maroon 5 - This Love [Cut Copy Galactic Beach House Mix]
- Elvis Presley - Crawfish [Pilooski Edit]
- College feat. Anoraak - Fantasy Park
- MGMT - Electric Feel [Justice Remix]
- Pnau - Baby [Breakbot Remix]
- Lil' Wayne - A Milli
- Bon Iver - Re:Stacks
- Van She - Strangers [Strip Steve Remix], honorable mention [Yuksek Remix]
- autoKratz - Stay The Same
- Louis La Roché - Love

Now I'm Going To Stop There, Cause Seriously This List Could Go On...

God knows what 2009 has in store, if the Mayans were right, it only means were closer to annihilation. Not that I am pessimistic or anything, I do look forward to seeing the earth graze a black hole and make it unharmed*. HA.
No, but seriously, if that does not kill us, the electro war will for sure take one of your limbs.
But Bam Bam's in charge now, so it'll all go smoothly. Half of Europe & All of Asia's already welcomed 2009. Guess it can't be that bad, folks!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"You Guys!"

I hate crossing seas, let alone oceans. Atlantic Oceans. Eight-hour flights are just not fun, but if you're like me and you pull an all-nighter, powered by 3 cans of Red Bull and a cup of java, you seriously don't give a shit cause you're passed out most of the trip. And you'd think I'd get a nice welcome home, [not that I didn't], but I run down to re-collect my most prized mp3s on my old computer, just to find out they've ALL been deleted. *sighs*. Oh, but it gets worst. 
Attempting to venture out to the places I haven't been in ages, I make my out to Greenwich village, oh but the weather's a solid - 18 F [perfect]. My blood froze just in time for Christmas celebrations. But somewhere, somehow, we've managed to make this little trip back to New York a very exciting one. Bike racing from Columbus Circle to South Street Seaport, via Broadway ; illuminating dancers across Union Square, "dirty minds" at Barnes & Nobles,  and hosting a round of Free Hugs. 
Well, you know what they say: Home Is Where The Heart Is.

 'Here's A Little Treat For Ya'
- Soulk!d

Picture By: Soulk!d

Lykke Li - Little Bit [AutoErotique Bootleg Remix] Click!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chromeo, Oh, Oh!

Christmas came early. Christmas came mad early.
Chromeo put on a chrometastic show at Sheperd's Bush last night, all in the name of Christmas. These guys can seriously get down, and the crowd was down to get down. Adding DJ Mehdi in their lineup sure as hell didn't hurt. Mehdi literally tore the house down [my fucking seat was shaking] for a solid 2 hours. And then, the opening act, is really what got the funkateers & chromettes started, that is Frankmusik.
So, this Frankmusik guy, I mean, the music, is quite cheery, and dance-y. Seems like everyone is working the synths and electronica these days, but it's hard to pull it off without sounding like you're trying too hard.

When he plays live, believe me, it's a treat. Now, thanks to Chromeo, I now have new musik, Frankmusik, on my iTunes Library. Mad Nice.
Chromeo came out two times, for encores of 100% & Waitin 4 U because the crowd went wild and wanted more [all in unison, Chromeo-oh-oh].
I also would add, that the boys provided me with some pretty damn good shots, very photogenic, very photogenic indeed.

Right then, if we're gonna go out with a big one, we best do it properly.

Chromeo - Me & My Man

Joyeux Noel!

Pictures by : Soulk!d (more over hurr)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Have New Blood

I find myself lurking into places I wouldn't begin to imagine myself being, say 3 years from now. It's awfully strange, to say the least, it's not everyday/night you get a casual invitation to do the rounds at a Strip Club, by the guitarist from a band from Cambridge, saying it would be 'fun', and another dude who pulls out little plastic cows, with a bow on it, from his pocket. I swear to God, I'm not abusing any substances, I'm not even into the vast availability of alcohol, but I do find myself in peculiar situations. But besides that, I find also, that I am not doing my JOB, as a "music blogger" (if I may call it such). There are countless new breeds of musicians, every fucking day, some of them sound the same, others are a bit more inneresting.
So, no more of this nonsense. Here are three bands, I think have a decent chance, if not massive; of capturing your attention, for the next few months/years/minutes.

Representin' Brooklyn, New York : It's Boy Crisis

First heard about them through Platform, then read more on the P.I.X, so third time, it was only fair I gave them a listen. As soon as you hear Dressed to Digress, in it's entirety, you'll suddenly feel like you'd want to pat them on the back, or some shit, for their cleverly thought of lyrics. Yes you will.

Dressed to Digress - Boy Crisis

Representin' Hackney, London :
C'est La Grève Générale!

A duo who makes mashup sound better than the originals, they've already catered to Vice, Modular, CMJ Festival, and Fabric. They're also a favorite of a handful of, what you would consider to be the GMs and Fords of the music blogosphere [IHeartComix, Big Stereo, Missingtoof, blah blah]. Long story short, you want them on your playlists, you seriously do!

Representin' Paris, France: S.P.A!

They win for best facial masks, cause we've pretty much seen the high level of importance 'masks' play, in the electronic industry now [and the 'security' behind it, really, oh yes]. I've only seen two posts about these dudes and frankly, I fail to understand why. Bangin' tunes, bangin outfits, all in the name of music, you gotta love that.

Pets Dance [Thoughtless Hussies Remix] - S.P.A.

Et voila! I suppose I should just stick to this, while I'm at it. Next up, Chromeo on Saturday, with DJ Mehdi, and I can't think of a better way to spend 'Pre-Xmas' weekend, before going back to Brooklyn.