Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chromeo, Oh, Oh!

Christmas came early. Christmas came mad early.
Chromeo put on a chrometastic show at Sheperd's Bush last night, all in the name of Christmas. These guys can seriously get down, and the crowd was down to get down. Adding DJ Mehdi in their lineup sure as hell didn't hurt. Mehdi literally tore the house down [my fucking seat was shaking] for a solid 2 hours. And then, the opening act, is really what got the funkateers & chromettes started, that is Frankmusik.
So, this Frankmusik guy, I mean, the music, is quite cheery, and dance-y. Seems like everyone is working the synths and electronica these days, but it's hard to pull it off without sounding like you're trying too hard.

When he plays live, believe me, it's a treat. Now, thanks to Chromeo, I now have new musik, Frankmusik, on my iTunes Library. Mad Nice.
Chromeo came out two times, for encores of 100% & Waitin 4 U because the crowd went wild and wanted more [all in unison, Chromeo-oh-oh].
I also would add, that the boys provided me with some pretty damn good shots, very photogenic, very photogenic indeed.

Right then, if we're gonna go out with a big one, we best do it properly.

Chromeo - Me & My Man

Joyeux Noel!

Pictures by : Soulk!d (more over hurr)

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City Slick said...

I love Mehdi, I can't get enough of his tunes, ugh! + Chromeo too? I think that's why my cheap ass headphones always get fucked up. They're just too good.