Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Have New Blood

I find myself lurking into places I wouldn't begin to imagine myself being, say 3 years from now. It's awfully strange, to say the least, it's not everyday/night you get a casual invitation to do the rounds at a Strip Club, by the guitarist from a band from Cambridge, saying it would be 'fun', and another dude who pulls out little plastic cows, with a bow on it, from his pocket. I swear to God, I'm not abusing any substances, I'm not even into the vast availability of alcohol, but I do find myself in peculiar situations. But besides that, I find also, that I am not doing my JOB, as a "music blogger" (if I may call it such). There are countless new breeds of musicians, every fucking day, some of them sound the same, others are a bit more inneresting.
So, no more of this nonsense. Here are three bands, I think have a decent chance, if not massive; of capturing your attention, for the next few months/years/minutes.

Representin' Brooklyn, New York : It's Boy Crisis

First heard about them through Platform, then read more on the P.I.X, so third time, it was only fair I gave them a listen. As soon as you hear Dressed to Digress, in it's entirety, you'll suddenly feel like you'd want to pat them on the back, or some shit, for their cleverly thought of lyrics. Yes you will.

Dressed to Digress - Boy Crisis

Representin' Hackney, London :
C'est La Grève Générale!

A duo who makes mashup sound better than the originals, they've already catered to Vice, Modular, CMJ Festival, and Fabric. They're also a favorite of a handful of, what you would consider to be the GMs and Fords of the music blogosphere [IHeartComix, Big Stereo, Missingtoof, blah blah]. Long story short, you want them on your playlists, you seriously do!

Representin' Paris, France: S.P.A!

They win for best facial masks, cause we've pretty much seen the high level of importance 'masks' play, in the electronic industry now [and the 'security' behind it, really, oh yes]. I've only seen two posts about these dudes and frankly, I fail to understand why. Bangin' tunes, bangin outfits, all in the name of music, you gotta love that.

Pets Dance [Thoughtless Hussies Remix] - S.P.A.

Et voila! I suppose I should just stick to this, while I'm at it. Next up, Chromeo on Saturday, with DJ Mehdi, and I can't think of a better way to spend 'Pre-Xmas' weekend, before going back to Brooklyn.

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