Saturday, November 29, 2008


If there's anything to be learned from going out at night, is that past 10h30 p.m. the temperature goes from a comfortable 55 degree Farenheit, to a -90. While Camden may be warm and snuggly, Richmond and the area surrounding the Thames is DEFINITELY not.
Enough environmental rant. I just saw Lykke Li tonight, and it was every bit of brilliant.
Did some dancing, did some shaking.

What I love about Lykke Li thought, is her energy. She sings about dancing, and boy does she play the part. You couldn't help but at least flail your arms from side to side.
But in any area with a heavy concentration of these, and there is music/concerts involved, do not expect anyone to be gesticulating an inch of their body; which sparked Ms. Li's comment of "Come on, Manchester was better than you guys, and there were like fifty people". She was not the only one to notice, as the band I will talk about in a few dedicated their "Don't Dance" song to the crowd. Class!
True story. Manchester probably WAS better than that crowd at Koko.
still an awesome show.
I guess it wasn't until we reached the end, when people realized they should start appreciating this a bit more, and well...really got down.

The best part about the whole night was that Esser opened for Lykke Li.

Esser is fucking incredible. Yes, we have some funky acoutrements involved, questionable hairstyles/cuts, but the sound is unlike nothing I've heard before. It's as if Crystal Castles [Alice Glass] and Vampire Weekend [Ezra Koenig] had a baby. That's what Esser sounds like.

Why exactly do they not like dancing?

photos by Soulk!d


MR style said...

me encanta este blog !! that's hot !!

City Slick said...

Lykke Li is incredible. Never heard of Hipster Hunter, but that shit is hilarious! & Esser, ah man, I have to download some of his tunes.