Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I've been getting some serious junk mail from Nylon, for about a week now, it wouldn't bother me unless I knew how the fuck they got a hold of my email.
So you're selling your soul to the worshiping of 'It Girls' AND you're spamming me? Bastards.
It's Officialy Do or Die day. I know I can't be in my comfortable liberal state of New York, where it's easy to proclaim your support for Obama and not get stoned, but the feeling in London, although not as strong, for obvious reasons, is still very much alive.
My friend from class was sporting her Obama tshirt today. Made my face light up. All over the Tube, there's jassive posters of Bam Bam plastered. Makes me feel at home a bit.
Do or Die, people. Show Up or Shut Up.

Obama 08, Ya'll.

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City Slick said...

Hey, NYLON has been sending a ton of emails recently, and now some shitty newsletter every week on things that DON'T matter.
I ran out to buy 'Change We Can Believe In', and Obama definately knows his stuff!