Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Rag Factory

I tought this was interesting. So the good people at Zineswap threw their launch party, on Heneage Street just off Brick Lane at The Rag Factory last night. All for the sake of swapping home made goods, in which case zines, from all over Europe and beyond.
Some seriously interesting display. Some funkily clad bastards and some good music were of essence, the likes of Mirror! Mirror!, DEFN, My Panda Shall Fly, Wasp Display, and Sportsday Megaphone [the lead singer is fucking mental].
Bring Your Own Booze. Nice, cannot complain about that. Ever. Cupcakes all around [can you say fancy?], and a unisex bathroom. Fucking love it.
I, managed to take a few shots.
My favorite 'zine', should I mention, was possibly the one with the WasteYourself artists' display and scribbles on it. They do some pretty dope shit.
A little bit of Kraffhics doens't hurt either.

We managed to walk past a Public Bathroom on our way back, which, to my amazement, apparently hosts an underground basement club soon as it hits 6 in the morning. I wouldn't ask...

Pictures by Soulk!d
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