Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Stress

This made my day today.

In other [not-so-humorous] news Justice is being sued. Yep, turns out their clip for Stress caused a bit more stir than they had previously anticipated. the MRAP is attacking the boys big time:

Le MRAP (Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples) a annoncé vendredi qu'il avait décidé de porter plainte contre "les responsables" du clip musical "Stress" du groupe électro Justice.

Dénonçant une "immonde production", le MRAP estime "que le message du clip est porteur de stéréotypes et de clichés racistes et participe à une vision caricaturale de la réalité des quartiers populaires et de leurs habitants".


Your getting your ass sued.

I don't know. I'm hearing all kinds of rubbish about Stress , both negative and positive. I do think that people should start grilling Romain Gavras, on what he intended to put out here, if there is so much interest in knowing. In the only documented interview where the Justice boys attempt to explain the video, Xavier makes a point of saying that their message was misinterpreted (no shit). But some will tell you that the whole interview was too ambiguous, and really that Stress is a marketing scheme (confirmed by Xavier himself, because he's the only one talking, Gaspard is officially 'muet').
I say, marketing scheme well played out, it definitely had tongues wagging.

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