Monday, June 30, 2008

Respect Is Burning

The legendary Respect Parties landed in NYC 0n June 26th, and the club kids are all bat shit crazy. Moby opened New York Été d'Amour on Thursday at Santos Party House, marking the beginning of what is set to be an exciting summer. It's like 8balling, or whatever it is you do to get high, it's a fuckin' rave.
The fiasco ends on September 25, and the lineup is ridiculous. Thursdays from now on, New York, you have NO excuse to stay in. This week, you get Dave 1 with a special DJ set, Dominique (!), Star Eyes (Trouble&Bass) , Alex from Tokyo and Neil Aline (oh yeah). Summer 2008 looking good yet?


hemaly said...

Trop bonne, I just found this blog. I'm adding to my links! :)

Soulk!d said...

Milles Merci! :]