Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Skins + Teenagers

Skins is badass. Which is why it doesn't air in The States. Skins is so fucking badass, they name parties after it. It's synonymous to good fucking music, drugs and the oh-so in your face, sex. It's what you wish you became after your shitty sixteenth birthday fiasco. It's what Generation Z will pride itself on. Skins is badass. Period. Can you not tell, by that pout on Quentin's face!
It's so badass, they get Kissy Sell Out to host their Premiere Parties, with bands such as Late of The Pier, The Teenagers, The Gossip, Crystal Castles, New Young Pony Club, Mylo, Foals,Annie Mac just to give you a hint.
With two seasons [almost] down, and a library full of newly discovered artists, it's about danm time we found out who's the evil musical genius behind the whole series' sound selection. Meet Alex.


Shelly said...

hey, I was re-directed here from your polyvore page!
Are late of the pier/kissy sellout really that big in the states? he went to my college!

take it easy,

Teclado e Mouse said...

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Nico. said...

Unbelieveibly great.

Soulk!d said...

very much agreed :],
Oh, Shelly - He's pretty big with the underground electro scene, sweet thing he went to your college!