Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boys & Girls, It Is Coming

Remember me warning you about the new Ed Rec release by the third week into April, hinting at the plausible material that will be on the 4th compilation CD? Well, folks - here's Busy P celebrating his birthday and dropping the first of many 'new' tracks, this one by SebastiAn.

Other memorable moment at Mr. P's birthday? Oh, only Thomas Bangalter spinning a few tracks alongside Mehdi, without his signature DP helmet - you know, the usual. What, did that last sentence made you cringe? Get used to it buddy, I think that one pretty much confirms the Punks are back for 2009, and you can hear me in the back screaming a really loud: "FUCK YES". And if you too have been the victim of a mild spasm upon hearing rumour that they will be secretly headlining Glastonbury this year, then join the club.

(1:44 - Omagah, Hand Sanitizer?)
But, as those who bore witness to this rather eventful soirée can tell you - it ended on a rather sketchy tone. Apparently, the Dim Mak boys pulled a fight with one rather huge bouncer, and the Ed Rec boys got pretty heated as well (oh snap, Kavinsky all worked up, Shit!) - Gentlemen, let's not clench electro war right when the weather's getting better, mkay? wait until August or something, and I think Webster Hall's a better setting anyways - Holla at me, I'll hook you up. My only plea is that De Rosnay gets to stay in my basement whilst I ship Augé to Hemaly's - then the deal's yours fellas.

Photo Credit: Rony's Photobooth

Is anybody else noticing the Ted Bundy/child pred look Bangalter's rocking now?

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Hemaly said...

Haha, I love this post so much. Bangalter = Jesus. He resurrected from the rubbles of the electro wars.
Gah, I renewed by subscription to Nylon thinking they were going to be a little more creative this year, and what I get is Peaches & tons of people I don't know. It's a waste of $10 :/