Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amanda Blank Wants You To Fuck Her

And she may just be the fiercest bitch in the MC game.
Now how long have we been hopping to her shit? Exactly. She's had questionable/suggestive lyrics, kept her possee on an overload of steez (Santigold, Benny Blanco, Spank Rock, Roxy Cottontail), and was doing that head shaving shit long before Cassie, Peaches or Kesh. She's so hot, Yuksek had to take a look.

And now Ms. Blank does her best versing since Loose, on her latest: Might Like You Better.


photo credit: EveryoneIsFamous

1 comment:

Hemaly said...

This song is fucking hot. Love her. Uffie is kinda missing out on the game recently.