Saturday, October 27, 2007

Do You Know This Dude?

Can't Blame if you do, can't chastise you if you don't. Calvin Harris, very average name, not so average sound, nonetheless, his stuff is ace. While I don't why homeboy claims to create disco (Ha!), but what's he's doing is pretty fresh. I've got two tracks I really like. Plus, if you saw the video for Merrymaking at My Place, chances are, you're gonna think that he has it poppin' :/
but if you're like me and think that it's just a bunch of fucking hipsters getting trashed, and acting a fool, I guess that's okay too. To each their opinions...
check out his myspace too, if you're into that. I happen to be :)
Go Mr. Harris!

And Keep That Ish Coming Yo!

Calvin Harris - Acceptable in The 80s

Calvin Harris - Disco Heat

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