Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Ain't Used To That!

Tell me why, today, in broad daylight (roughly 4 pm), taking the L train back from SCHOOL I saw two teens screwing each other on the platform. No that wasn't a typo, and yes she was loud, not so much him, but homegirl was just l-o-u-d. It disgusts me to even recall that memory *shrugs* but wtf yo?! what's wrong with these kids?? who the fuck even plans shit like that up. So us normal people were stunned, and yeah, those freaks were not even near embarrassed or self-conscious "oh excuse me, I didn't realize my DICK WAS UP HER ASS" no shit Sherlock.
I swear, all those heads who take the L every afternoon, are fucked up, I mean it. Stop snorting that white powder, things like that are not cool, and yes they do traumatized people. Danm it.

I am speaking of a pair, what? like around my age...sick. Ah! danyum, let this be the last time...

Ayo Don't Get With That!

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