Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where Are You Spending NYE?

If you've got your plans on lock, hey, good for you. Here's to hoping you have a bloody good time amigos! If you're still waiting on your buddies to send you some hot invite to a crazy bash, or maybe you're waiting for something to fall off the sky (cause that's how you roll) you may want to head over to Williamsburg, and welcome 08' with these fools:

Apparently, it promises to be a banger. I can't hold much truth to that, but hey, Open Bar, who doesn't like an open bar *winks*.
Kesh will be there, that's always fun. And just in case this party is not your cup of tea, go to Times Square (ha!).

Need More Info? Wanna Know Where Them Tickets At?
Here ya go: Kesh or Hugs

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