Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chillin' In The Backseat

I swear the L gets a hike in monthly population, by the fucking hour. Either the MTA opens a new line, or no more breathing space. Danm.
It's times like these, where you're just praying your iPod doesn't bitch out on you, cause seriously...I mean seriously. damn.
And you might want to have a few good stuff on there, for example, I have y'know, a little bit of everything. Cause when you're that close to strangers (even if it's for 2 minutes, hell a few seconds is too much) they might be listening in to all the stuff you are. Yeah. Exactly. Don't panic. Do not panic. I have some tracks I'd like to share. See, I'm nice. And if you have'em already, hey, good for you. It's xmas season, I'm in a giving mood ;)

The Outrunners - The Cool Feeling (Anoraak Remix)

Ocelot - Lo Sforzo (Loud Pipes Remix)

Purple Crush - Vacation (Loud Pipes Remix)

Happy Holidays Bitches!

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