Friday, December 7, 2007

In There, Like Swimwear.

I never knew the existence of a replica Daft Punk. No shit, there's actually a group of DJs, that give themselves the title "Faux Punk", and they cover songs from the French duo. So I'm thinking that this can only create madness, but I forget that, well... the original bad boys can't always make it to town, so we need some sort of like, what you'd call presence, to satisfy that need of ours. *Ahem* we're clearly talking of a need for Daft tunes that is.
Shit should be pretty hot, I ain't gonna front. Studio B, tomorrow night, doors at 10.
Alive 2007 dropped in the US on Dec. 4th (when you think about it, the rest of the world got that ish on Nov. 19th...punks), but if you were lucky enough to even get your hands on tickets to the Keyspan park gig on august 9th, and had the amazing opportunity to rave your pants off live, than God Bless your ass, cause that show was beyond crazy, so I hear.
And who knows, maybe they will be that substitute when DP is no longer around, or better yet, way too cool to play shows for us mortals.

Fuck that, that ain't happening just yet.

The banger is tomorrow, in occasion of the album release. bring them dancing shoes, keep those robot ears in check.

Get With It


Nico. said...

HA! I had no idea they existed. Since i Lust daft punk ill be checking their shit out

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