Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Got 99 Problems But My Kicks Ain't One

Where should I start? Danm. I don't even know. I went down for a while, so that kept me from updating for a few days, then the weather turned a whole 1 fucking 80 on Saturday, so you already know that kept me down even further. But the best part about all this BS is that I am able to welcome my brand new Supras to a lovely family of kicks. See, I was not playing. I dunno about the rest, but there's still 999 left (or less) so if you want a pair, why are you sleeping? what the fuck you waiting for? holiday money? it's gonna be out by then, worst part is, you know that.
Anyway, I mean, I won't worry about that, but my post is timed perfectly. brand new Kid Sister video for Pro Nails dropped today. I'll admit one thing, I seriously thought it'd be better (dancing fingers? really?) but homegirl delivers, keeping them nails fresh to death. Mr. West does his part in the whole video, which pretty much keeps is on lock.

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