Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Deux Zéro Zéro Huit

Enough with the booze, the kisses, the butt-shaking, the food (loads of foods), and more booze, and all th hangovers that came after that. You survived 2007, the year that brought us all the musical awesomeness (and horrors!) we could possibly endure and made us think twice about how we present ourselves out there (or not,depends on who you hang out with...) so give yourself a pat on the back, my friend, take another shot in the name of You, cause you rule.
2008 is ours bitches, and we're gonna make this the best year this generation's ever seen.
Here's to hoping the music wont suck, the girls will, the fashion won't and more year of pretty much badass fun.

Happy 08'

Modeselektor - 2000007 (feat. TTC)

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