Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Give Me Brain Fever!

Do you like Crystal Castles? Do you think they're hot, funky, and that they're just plain ridic? Do they make you want to bang your head on a padded wall? Do you live in Brooklyn? (changes may apply...), well give them a check, at Studio B (why do I suddenly feel like a fucking promoter now?). Yeah, these cats will be in BK on March 25th, so you got plenty of tiempo to save, and cop them tickets.

And while you're at it. Take a close look at Foals. Their first 'American' gig is in the Bowery Ballroom, this February 12.
Foals is banging. It may not be what you're into, but fuck it, too much electro kills you!
Besides, new music, is always good fun. :D

Aiight I'm out.

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