Thursday, November 8, 2007

You're Acting More Like Yourself. Thank You.

Some Champions League action today, yet again. It's funny how you don't realize how much you've missed them until it's, oh Wednesday/Tuesday again. Good stuff yo.
I Don't know if I should feel bad for Real Madrid, or Chelsea...wait fuck that, I don't even care about these two teams, so why am I even going into the subject here.
Barcelona nailed Rangers on a grass cross today. It was beautiful. It's just unfortunate the score wasn't like 3 or 4 to nothing, cause they were going at it haaaaard. I give loads of props to El capitano Puyol, homeboy is a fighter. Dead ass, he's just the quintessential defender for sure.
Messi, well, we all know the deal with this dude, Henry is doing just fiiine and the 17-year-old Bojan can beat the shit out of any 33-year-old player on the Rangers team. Too bad Zambrotta was a no show, but it's all good.
Good game boys, good game.

Next time, we're going after some German ass, against Stuttgart. Be ready bitches!

So you heard about Eto'o leaving Barça this January...

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