Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mr.West Will Be Pissed.

Justice managed to grab the Video Star Award at the 2007 MTV EMAs yet again this year, against the man who complained about them winning last year. *Sighs* tough break Kanye, you hit them back with Stronger, with the obvious "inspiration" from Daft Punk, trying to get under the electro-lovers' skin, and you blatantly bit off Justice in the So_Me directed "Goodlife". No matter how hard you try, just can't beat'em, nor join them. I guess electro just doesn't cut it for you. Who am I kidding, I'm one of the many Ye fans out there, his shit is dope, you can't even front, but Justice man...Justice just hits where it should, and I'm not even talking about eardrums and all that crap. They're just good. period.
So they grab their prize again, stick it out for one more year...make this shit work and party's just starting. The French Touch is here to stay, Get With It or Get Lost.

Justice - The Party (Luvtek SMBU Remix)

Relive the glorious (but overplayed) D.A.N.C.E, the video that skyrocketed them to Exo-European fame.

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