Sunday, November 11, 2007

Salut Christelle!

Alas. The video geniuses are at it again, and this time they've put life to an anthem that some of us have been singing since the words "Boys Suck" rung any bell in our precious little heads. This is video gold, Fatal Bazooka *ahem* I mean...Christelle Bazooka, and Yelle, in a clear demonstration on how to turn down that unwanted male admirer with a simple hand gesture.
It's funny, witty and amusing. Yeah, like every moment of it. Personally, Yelle and Fatal coming head to head for this track should be nominated for idea of the year (along with that A Trak and Kid Sister thing)
Watch it, and no you do not need to speak français to get the message.

"Tu M'fais Trop Pitié, Tu M'soules Vas-y Parle à Ma Main..."

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