Friday, March 6, 2009

What To Make Of This?

At first glance, I thought MGMT went all holy military on me with some new material I haven't heard of yet, but then I leaned in closer and I busted out a sly 'Oh Shit' to myself: That's not MGMT, is it? No. They're Empire of the Sun. One half of Pnau, and one half of The Sleepy Jackson Apparently, they're the new 'hot thing' under the radar right now, at least in the U.K. (I am anticipating how U.S. fans will greet these two)

I know what you're thinking, maybe they just look the same, maybe musically speaking they're totally different?, in fact...polar opposites? But NO, wait a second...what's THIS video all about?

Guys, what's with the war paint? the tribal dances, and the feathers? All the 'quirkiness'. What happened to originality? did it get butchered in the back seat of a convicted murderer's van?
Ha! boys...I don't know what to make of this.

I'll give them that though, they don't sound terrible.

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Hemaly said...

I had the same reaction when I saw EOTS's picture. It's weird, chaotic, idk I thought it was MGMT.
Their tunes aren't that well, but the remixes are great!