Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, I suppose if it is any indication of a lack of consistency in posting, it's certainly only due to the fact that during the time elapsed from my last post to this one, I've crossed oceans back to London, went on a 'let's follow all these bands for a whole week' tour with a few friends, and miraculously manage to attend sociology classes all in between!

My god, I've finally reached 100 posts. That's nothing though, is it? That's like rookie years, I assume, but a full time undergraduate 18 year old with an immense love for music like me, has a hard time sticking to consistency when it comes to this blog. I feel as though I've neglected it, so much so, that a month's passed since I last wrote on here! this is ludicrous!

Right, right, evading from my lack of posting, here's what I have been doing these past days, because...while I may not be writing about music, I am most definitely downloading it, making it [with two friends, it's sort of like an embryonic project, but it promises!], and attending shows. The latest spark in my mind is to start band/live events photography, though I may not have a penchant for tits like Bronques, or really skinny and heavily tattooed yet adorable gay boys & Leigh Lezark like Geej, or even underage girls/boys at sweet 14s *coughs* M.Hunter *coughs*, I do have a real pushing from a few people, and seeing as how I get a real kick trotting my 'guns' to parties, I fairly enjoy it.

The Bloody Beetroots in Lessons on How To Tear Shit Up, in Islington.
Fight Like Apes also in Camden

Data.Select.Party, Shoreditch
& Acoustic Night, & Colour, and Loads More Here.

Surely the best music news I've got all month was the release of Yuksek's brand spanking new album, Away From The Sea, (it even features tracks with Chromeo, and...get this, Amanda Blank). Also, Phoenix's back with some brand new material, it's been a while; their newest single 1901 which the band is giving away gratuit is classic Phoenix, and anticipates a pretty damn good album for late May.

Now that this is all out of the way, I'm jumping off to finish a Criminology essay, and before I sign off...I suppose I'll mention this little piece of 'gem', that was featured on The Selby a few months back. Yes I am obliged to refer to it as an 'it', and 'gem', because frankly, the amount of hilarity and gloom this gives me at the same time is overwhelming. Pay strick attention to the bloke named 'Bunny', the intern who looks about 30 and the color-coordinated books.
Note to these new residents: If you don't like plaid shirts so much either A. Don't wear them, yes that means YOU Bunny - or B. Move out, I'm pre-tty sure you can find a plaid-free zone in Brooklyn. Fuck Off.

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Hemaly said...

Those pictures are looking better!
Yuck, we all need a "Peache-and-her-friend-wtf-her-name-is" free zone. They are tainting our water supply and ruining the streets. Independent & original my ass.