Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Mom! The Boys Are At It Again!"

Right, So We've Got Two Things To Cover In This Post:

First -
You've possibly seen the commotion by now, another disco themed track, another radio rip, another Mehdi Pinson collaboration, another day and a new Justice track gets fed to the masses. Whether you've jumped the boat soon after the Coca Cola incident, or jumped in right after that (because, admit it, you know some people who did), you couldn't help but give We Kids a listen.
Now, am I going to front as if I own every Justice-induced merchandise, or attended every gig? No, not really, but it doesn't take a sound engineering degree, a full knowledge of Ableton live and the precision of a brain surgeon to know that We Kids < Everything Else Under Cross & Ed Rec. V. III Combined. Dare I say it? Fuck yes, these are not the same French bastards who released Planisphere, it can't be. The kids out there, have been living on a diet of recycled Justice tracks for the past two years, occasionally, some 'banging' remixes have been added as a treat, tease - and the promise of a new studio album in the works have kept them all going; in order not to raise a full blown fury among the 14-26 demographic, the boys sort of have to show who's boss, shut them all up with a new, but ear-raping track, and keep everyone else in the mix happy.

Second -
However, and this needs mentioning - Another plausible theory about We Kids, is that it isn't even produced by Justice, at all. Making all of my first paragraph completely void. Word on the street is that the aforementioned track is that of Keedz, some call them, "Justice under Disguise", or "Justice Rip-Offs". If I am to believe that second theory - and I do; putting aside my temporary ban on Justice material because of said track recycling, these guys wouldn't put out something this terrible given what they've produced last season for Dior, and the MGMT Electric Feel remix - and with that! comes a sight of relief. Creative Borrowing? Aesthetic Inspiration, perhaps? Yes, maybe, because this is some bullshit that castrates anyone who dares explain, or defend it.

What do we learn from this? Justice or Not, We Kids is 'de la merde'.

photo: Turkish Homework.

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Hemaly said...

'We Kids' is not Justice, right? Shit, if it is, I'm going to tear up the last remmnants of crosses & Metallica remixes right now. It's the worse bloghouse track ever.