Wednesday, September 17, 2008

& This Is Why I Lose Faith In People...

I was happy today, I got my new Nylon issue [I can't say I'm a bonafied Nylon type of chick, I'm more into BPM, but who turns down a FREE subscription?]
It's a colorful touch to a rather bland mailbox, besides, their graphics are visually stimulating, and they tickle my senses! [oooh!], but lately, I've been getting less and less excited about the stuff they're writting about! [who gives a flying fuck about the new 90210?], I want to see REAL people, and REAL shit, no teen drama will ever come close to Skins anyway, at least not for me.
So the October issue I got today, no different. Here I was, anticipating what's buzzing on the other side of the Atlantic, and I get IT girls.
*sighs* Not only does the 'definition' in itself made me yawn, I quickly realized after just a few pages, that I'm only getting a paper version of The Cobrasnake. Harley Viera-Newton? what the fuck does she do for a living? Isabelle McNally, did she find a cure for AIDS? Tennessee Thomas? Who? Oh, and my favorite, Cody Kennedy, yes a letter short of her already hyped sibling, because apparently the world needs one more Kennedy chick. There's only four girls on the spread I give a bit of credit, one I'm slightly on the fence for, but they are Teyana Taylor, Alexa Chung, Coco Rocha and Abigail Lorick, because unlike the other bunch, they have jobs, they actually work.
The reason I'm even writing about this issue is really because I was baffled by some of the summaries. Almost all of them were "trying to figure out what exactly is in IT girl[...]" partially because they don't think they fit the bill, but if they were trying to play the dumb card, it worked, however I only saw it as a failed attempt to alienate themselves from this tag. You know who and what you are, just own up to it.

Nylon! if anything, I believe in your journalistic abilities, and yes because of you I have a reason to want to go to my mailbox at the end of the month; but we need to stop this oligarchic and random passing out of fame cards. We need more than just barely-legal do-nothings to act as our 'role models', we need kids who actually do something for a living! people with real talent, for fuck's sake! I'm not good on a keyboard, and I'm shit with a guitar, but I know loads of teens who do more than just sit around wasting their folks' hard-earned green, and who could use a little exposure. Come on Nylon! I need to see someone who hasn't been on every Cobrasnake set, someone I've never seen before, someone who has more than looks going for them, if you need directions on where to find such prodigies, I'll be happy to help!
I know you can do it & I'm patient. My subscription ends in three months by the way.


City Slick said...

I know exactly, it's all about fucking it girls who don;t do anything, except sleep with famous guys and have 24/7 access to the clothes they want.
I don't mind Zooey, but Cory, Peaches & the rest of them? They are just hobos with nice clothes.
I was actually hoping that Nylon would do a whole thing on Fall fashion, because I ran out of ideas!

Anonymous said...

actually if you read the articles you see these women do actually do things with their lives

Soulk!d said...

Dude, if I'm even writting about this, it's cause I read it.
I'm sensing I struck a nerve, perhaps you feel offended? Oh well :]

Anonymous said...

yeah i dunno.... some of them aren't even i could understand if they were models and THEN they became i girls...but its like they found some random rich girls with semi famous parents and decided we were running out of people who were famous for no reason and called them IT girls .... by the way I live by Lit and saw Harley DJing and she didn't look like an IT girl.... who the fuck DJs one night at a dive bar when they are an IT girl? lame

Soulk!d said...