Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I crossed over to London, 'bout a week ago today.
You could argue that I have a pretty decent reason for not updating, this lovely piece of work. This city is fucking crazy, I can't even begin to make an assessment at the moment. No fucking way.
I'm in this 'cafe' in my school right now, funny, my classes only begun today, I love uni...I don't have to wake up till 10, and my lectures/seminars are no longer than 2 hours. Oh yeah.
Plus, I don't take 'useless' classes, no, none of that. My majors, and that's it!
So far I've only been to Camdem Town. Danm. It's everything I expected it to be, and more.
Me and Andrea are most likely off to East London on saturday, and I'll give Covent Garden a visit on sunday.
Indie Kids are basically everywhere, so I feel safe. Ha!
Boo hoo, I miss New York, I miss Brooklyn the most. I fucking hate the L train, but I haven't found it's replacement, so I still miss that streamlined bastard.
No music for this week, nothing new I can put up anyways, so I'll leave you with some Revolte & a track by Relation remixed by Lifelike, which I've seriously overplayed all summer.


City Slick said...

Haha, the best about college is the 1hr 3 min lectures. I come 30 min late most of the times, and the professors don't care. All that counts is exams.
I was wondering, is there any difference with the way they teach in England and here?

ELVIA said...

I love your blog!
& I love Revolte! :)


Soulk!d said...

why thank you :]