Monday, September 8, 2008

Things Are Trippy in Brooklyn...Mad Fucking Trippy.

I don't know how much of this I've missed, the time elapsed from August 15, to Now has been seemingly witnessed some peculiar occurrences in Brooklyn.
I, actually no...I think I am missing a lot of this. It's hard to keep up, despite having a ridiculous amount of time in your hands. I've been following these three stories for about two weeks now. Let's start with Pandamonium. What is it? no clue. Who made it? Umm, a bunch of hyperactive teenagers/young adults/people. Why? again, no clue. What's so interesting about it then? whoa! they took over Bedford, taking the L from Union & shit went down with the poliiiice. Serious? hell yeah I'm serious. Riot!

Then, came the holiest of grails, a fucking renegade party! under the Williamsburg Bridge! [these kids be crazy!]. It looked insane, even Clayton Hauck was there, snapping pictures. They had a local band perform out of a cleverly crafted phone-microphone, Japanther I believe is their name. Beer cans everywhere, arms flinging in all sorts of directions, for one night, that bridge was their playground, and it all came down beautifully. Until the police crashed it.

[check out that ghetto blaster, word up]
[you can sooo have a bike date *rolls eyes*]
[ah la la, la police vous emmerde, non?]

And pick for most distorted idea ever, goes to Misha Calvert, for organizing what's debated to be the most controversial pageant in Williamsburg's history [actually, the only pageant in Billyburg history]. Mr. & Ms. Williamsburg. [seriously.]
Altought Ms. Calvert is probably not the model citizen the Burg could be proud to have produced, there are people actually willing to participate, let alone show up. Who are they? I don't think I really want to find out. She did say that it was "part of the court-ordered community service she was sentenced to perform after being arrested for stealing a few Colt 45’s"
[someone is bugging the fuck out].

picture credits: Pandamonium (dantegeek) ; Renegade Madness (IThinkYoureSwell) & (EveryOneIsFamous)

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City Slick said...

LMAO, that's probably the most ridiculous thing I've heard this year. How come we always find out the good stuff after it happens? :/