Sunday, September 14, 2008

Indie Kids Rejoice!

Specially if, like most of us, your scene hates Under-21s! [or Under-18s even] and try everything in its power to keep you away from the good stuff that goes down in your local clubs/etc. Alas, there are people who understand our struggle! Because not every son of a bitch on a guitar has to be 'of age', talent sees no age! Though it may take America quite some time before this notion sets in, in Europe however, the Indie scene is not only ruled by up and coming teens, it's also accommodated to make it very much possible for their talent to be heard, and seen by all who's following.

This post is a special Indie Music issue [because it'd be a terrible thing to limit myself solely to electronic/house and hip hop music, no?]. I'm putting on the table, some of the finest 'New Kids on The Block' musicians I've had the chance to stumble upon all month. Caution! Loads of videos and names to remember ahead.

Let's start of with the U.K., no stranger to incredible music, the alternative rock scene in London is not only still very much alive, it's also experiencing a saturation of new bands and artists, almost all of which are under 18. I could name loads of favorites, but I'm narrowing it down to my Top 3 from the Queen's Land:

Bombay Bicycle Club - According to NME, "the hottest band to come from North London for quite some time", and they're young. How young? "the band have only just taken their GCSEs. Don't be deceived though, there's a lifetime of experience in these glorious tunes."

Cajun Dance Party - Also from London, the lead singer reminds me of a sleeker, more 'proper' Luke Pritchard, but they sound nothing like the Kooks, besides they have a chick on keyboards. R-a-d.

Lo-Fi Culture Scene - If you haven't figured your life out yet, and you're way over 21 you might reconsider watching these kids, as they are just that: kids. Not a day over 14, these lads are seriously giving rockstars twice their age something to talk about [and possibly, be ashamed of?]. As if you adults needed proof that, once again, talent sees no age, please, make way for Lo-Fi Culture Scene!

Crossing over to the French side of the Manche, the spur of indie rockers is no different. With the new wave of well established names such as Les Shades, Brooklyn and Second Sex, it's slightly impossible to think that the French, who are experts on electronic music, cheese, wine and clothes, could ever experience a shortage in their musical goodness making-factory. Behold!

The Dodoz - From Toulouse, this quartet lead by a female vocalist is a favorite of
Les Inrockuptibles, and soon enough probably yours too.

Neimo - Another four-piece band, this time from Paris! they are however, the oldest one in this whole damn music post. Moderne Incidental out on the 22 of September.

The Tellers - Sticking to French-speaking quartets, although from Belgium, The Tellers are what I came to witness, just last night on an episode of Taratata. They sound a bit like Phoenix, and if you ask me, that ain't bad.

So that's 6 bands, 7 videos, but surely I won't put my pen down without sharing this little gem of a performance : a cover of the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army, sung by both BB Brunes and Hard-Fi [yeah, from that aforementioned incredible Taratata episode]. A nice touch is conveniently, a French-UK indie rock pairing.

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City Slick said...

The Dodoz, Neimo & BB Brunes are incredible! I'm looking forward for those new bands you told me about.