Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Kids Do It Again

The Amsterdam Clubkids. I can hardly get enough of these bitches. I swear, like too fucking fly for me. Shit like that only happens in Europe.Why?. If I ever walked out of my place looking like that, all these bums would laugh [but who knows, considering this is Brooklyn, maybe they wouldn't?]
So yeah, I've done a post about them already, praising their swag and what not, but I recently found out that they made a collaboration with, get this: The Cool Kids. Ahh, sexiness.
Jesus Christ. When Fresh met Fresh-er.
So I hear they're looking for some fresh blood for their crew, quite difficult if I may say. Seriously. Does anyone know people who dress like that?
Good Luck with that!

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just wanted ta let ya know that your blog is mad awesome. keep up the good work !