Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's The Big Big One

Apart from the 33 Thousand bloggers out there, RAVING about Vampire Weekend (deeming it a bonafied blog band, and trust me I think they're pretty hot too, make no mistake) but I'd rather highlight some unnoticed Myspace Bangers. They are a plenty, and I love that. This is what I made of all those band requests, and I've been working on it for the past week. See, Soulk!d is all about that free promotion shit (not that I actually make a huge impact or anything, but fuck it)
Enjoy, lovelies, enjoy!

First Up: Let's Go To War, cheeky name, innit? They're sick though, crazy sounds, and remixes, not to mention the graphics (very neat in that area), They're slightly more hip hop than electro, but that never hurts does it?

Let's Go To War - Life We Live

Then You Add Terror Dactel to that mix, a lively clash of 'tronic and computer sounds. You hear that, fuckin 'tronic AND computer sounds. He also made a remix of PJtheViking's Raining Blows.
Seriously, there's like an underground network of undiscovered shit on Myspace alone, or maybe I'm late on that bandwagon.

Terror Dactel - Rocket Ready
Timbaland - The Way I Are (Terror Dactel RMX)

Okay, Okay, What have we now: Lazerbitch! Oh Brooklyn, you and your weird-ass emerging bands. It's promising though, quite promising. Someday soon, ain't nobody gonna have shit on you, with all these basement experiements. Keep them coming, there's an ear out there (a.k.a moi) just eager to listen.
I think Lazerbitch is ace, nuff said.

Lazerbitch - Now Again

And Finally, one of my favorites: Adam Port. He's hyped already anyways, how could he not, really? Berlin has got a spew of artists that's stepping up to the plate, and he's just one of those many big big ones on that scene. Keine Musik is where you should be lookin' at.

Grace Jones - My Jamaican (Adam Port Edit)

And, That's a Wrap.

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