Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Just Tell Them To Fuck Off"

Birthday celebrations involving toffee cake // sociology exams // "skating" // Tenemos El Triplete! // climbing on roofs // dancehall // hip hop // reggae // electro // vodka sans redbull (sans redbull!) // wet kicks // 'sorry mate, not on the guestlist' // Sebastian Akchoté in Une Nuit Au Bordel // Get The Fuck Up // & Platform's Launch Party!

Need to drop off the guns at the office on monday, so my pictures will be up sometime this week - and I fear some of them might not be safe for work, cause I gave CHRIS & CIORAN my cameras to play with for about an hour. WHOA.

Post Title & Advice, Courtesy of: Lena.

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Hemaly▲ said...

Vodka sans redbull = god juice. Why would anyone want to mix them? Vodka is amazing as it is.