Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's Up, Jim Goad?

Hey Jim, I'm real happy for you and all, and sure moral elitism and "I told you sos" can rack up testosterone levels to all-time highs, but leave the controversial racial shit to Rush Limbaugh & Pat Robertson, stop soiling my daily dose of Street Carnage and keep that shit moderately liberal, please.
I'm more offended you used THEM to publish your article, seriously, that's like being hit in the face with a shovel when you're rolling down a hill of roses.

But tis uh-merica, and it's your personal opinion, and I've nothing against it my friend, believe that, but I'm still keeping an open-ear to hear news about my cousin Sarah who's trapped under the rubbles of her house as I write, but is still alive (oh, no!) and my other 45 old high school mates who have not been seen since Tuesday.

But, oh right they probably asked for that, didn't they? Gotcha.

Fucking slaves, why'd they all have to revolt 200 years ago against the French and get us in this mess of an earthquake/poverty/unstability? Dipshits.

Lots of Love,


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