Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stuff I Looked Up/Fiend For On Ebay Recently

Hero 20'' Boys Low-Rider // $123

20'' Low-Rider with Spoke // $199

The Hundreds California Snapback
// $23

THIS SHIT // $125

NY Rangers Snapback
// $19

Mens Waxed Barbour Beaufort // $45

80s Buffalo Bills Tank Top // $4.95

Canadian Beer Tank (Top) // $5.95

Holyfield vs. Akinwande Shirt // $9.95

I'm gonna stop now, cause I'm broke as fuck. :*(


Hemaly▲ said...

I love cheap shit too.
Went to a really cheap clothing store near my house, and BAM!, sweatshirts for $2 each. Bought a grey one and a black one.
Are there dollar stores in London? Pound stores, perhaps?

Adèle said...

CHEAP is the bestest, we have pound shops over here, and I think a vintage £2-3 shop as well, need to go and raid those.