Thursday, October 15, 2009

40oz Bounce - Harlem/Riversiiiiiide

My three months at home in 'rehab' have called it quits on me. It's loads of bullshit, and we all wished summer would last at least a month longer, but whateva - it was fun whilst it all lasted.

Final send-off happened in Harlem, with my homies at A.L.I.E.N NYC, and 'Van' (who's one massive dude, with amazing pot brownies). The 40oz Bounce Boys always do a great job at bringing all the dopest kids out, from the L.E.S, Brooklyn, and Harlem's very own. And that shit goes down every summer.

Holla At The Empire State, Would You Please!

40oz Bounce III

PHOTOS: Adèle Austin

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