Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Found Jeffer

It happened yesterday, around eleven and a half - I've done the unthinkable and actually recorded DJ Mehdi spinning it at that Vice May bank holiday sting (thing) - PATETHIC. But I can sleep at night now, bless.
Less boring 'update' - some 'bratpack' kids in Brooklyn recorded a tribute to a tribute mashup of The Breakfast Club and Phoenix's Lizstomania,
Smugness: The 'girl with the really obvious nose ring' who portrays Ringwald gets annoying at about the first minute in.
Choreography: -NAY, I am generally concerned about the kid in the blue shirt grinding/gesticulating on the fences like a mad cow disease patient. DO IT RIGHT OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL. Apart from him though, the video edit makes everyone else look really good.
Execution: 10, actually mistook it for a feature presentation. Feel like most of the job was left to the editors though. SIGH.

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Hemaly▲ said...

I'm fainting at the thought of Medhi.
You can't really blame the kids for dacning like that tough! How else can to swing to the indie-pop sounds of Phoenix, except dance like a goof?