Monday, July 7, 2008

It's A Beach Kill!

If anyone knows The Grenade, you probably also know about his skills as a DJ, or part of the 'three man gang' alongside Heinrich Bulimic and PJtheViking [sounds familiar?], also known as The Experimental People [TEP for short].
But I bet you didn't know about his directing skills. Behold a movie of epic proportions [and soon to be cult favorite] Beach Kill. I mean this thing is going full force. The tshirts are already sold out [aww, too bad for you] and this baby's soon to be released, not to mention the music, which goes without saying, is pretty fucking amazing.
The synopsis is quite trippy, I'll leave you the trailer, guaranteed to entertain you.

1983. The streets are rampant with sex and drugs. The night is filled with lust. The scent of greed steams up from the grates. But everything as we know it is about to change when ex-cop, Xavier Moustache, snaps and goes over the edge. Blood will be spilled for answers. Skulls will be crushed for truth. Moustache is the unstoppable force of the night.

& An Exclusive Sneak Peak, bitches! [Caution: Not For The Faint Of Heart]

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